The presentations of the session are now available

On May 11th  2021, the entire Heat4Cool consortium participated in the final review meeting.
We gathered online to present the work done and outcomes of 54 months of project activities.

We are happy to share the presentations used during the session.

WP1 – Project management and coordination
(P. Zancanella – Polimi) Presentation here

WP2 – Retrofitting Design planner tool
(P. Elguezabal – Tecnalia) Presentation here

WP3 – Integration of Heating and cooling solutions
(E. Nowak – Fahrenheit) Presentation here

WP4 – Simulations at building and district level
(R. Scoccia – Polimi) Presentation here

WP5 – Self-Correcting Intelligent Building Energy System  
(SCI-BEMS) (D. Tsagkrasoulis – Watt and Volt) Presentation here

WP6 – Pilot’s Demonstration and validation

Pilot 1. SofiaFinal retrofit status
(E. Vitanov – Balkanika) Presentation here

Pilot 2. ChorzowFinal retrofit status
 (J. Pluta – IZNAB) Presentation here

Pilot 3. ValenciaFinal retrofit status
(J. Biosca – SYMELEC) Presentation here

Pilot 4. BudapestFinal retrofit status
(P. Kiss – THERMOWATT) Presentation here

WP6 – Monitoring data assessment at pilot site level
(Scoccia – Polimi) Presentation here                                        

WP6 – LCA assessment at pilot site level
(E. Lezak – IZNAB) Presentation here

WP7 – Business model, replication potential, market analysis
(H. Grasset – SOLINTEL)  Presentation here

WP8 – Dissemination and exploitation
(S. Scotton – EHPA) Presentation here