Heat4Cool @HeatPumpForum 2019, 15th of May in Brussels

We are pleased to inform you that Heat4Cool project will be presented during the Heat Pump Forum 2019   on the 15th of May in Brussels (at The Egg).

In this occasion the project will be introduced by Mr. Pál Kiss (Thermowatt), who will show what are Heat4Cool goals, at what stage the project is and what will be our next important steps in the project’s lifetime.

This is a good opportunity to reach new heat pump stakeholders, and spread the word about Heat4Cool innovative systems and technologies among more than 200 HP manufacturers and policy makers.

We look forward to seeing you at the Heat Pump Forum. The project will be presented on the 15th of May at 11.10 am, at the Knowledge café.

More information regarding the event: 

The Heat Pump Forum 2019  is organised by the European Heat Pump Association, and aims at putting heat pump technology at the centre of the debate on the energy transition. 100% renewable heating is possible with today’s technology. At the Forum you will learn about heat pumps recognition in policy – both on the European and Member State level.
What you will get:

  • Overview of Europe’s long-term strategy and market development
  • +10 thematic sessions: greening electrification, large heat pump deployment, zero-emission industry, decarbonisation of cities, digitalisation, smart energy systems, energy communities and the challenge of renovation
  • +40 expert speakers: policy makers, market leaders, researchers, key experts from the heat pump industry
  • Meet 200+ business actors engaged in the energy transition, representatives from EU institutions, national and local governments, major players from the heating and cooling industry, energy companies and energy researchers