The 1stHeat4Cool workshop was held in Milan, in Mostra Convegno Expo Confort on March 14th, 2018 and the 47 participants enjoyed presentations on integrated technologies for heating & cooling based on renewable energies sources and optimal building energy management.








You can access all the presentations of the 1st Heat4Cool workshop in Milan, below.

Polimi Welcome

Session 1: Integration and control of renewable energies in buildings
  1. Renewable energy systems (RES) and their integration in buildings

    Beñat Arregi, Tecnalia
  2. Energy savings    potential    of    optimally    controlled    RES    in    buildings
    Eng. Rossano    Scoccia,  PhD  &  Eng.    Ettore    Zanetti,  Polimi
 Session 2: Overview of the Heat4Cool pilot sites
  1. Pilot 1: Bulgaria
    Ivan Sharlandzhiev, Balkanika Energy
  2. Pilot 2: Spain
    Javier Biosca, Symelec Renovables
  3. Pilot 3: Poland
    Anna Bortkiewic, IZNAB
  4. Pilot 4: Hungary
    Dora Furesz, Thermowatt
Session 3: Heating and Cooling system simulation tools
  1. H4C RetroSim: Heat4Cool Retrofitting Design Planner Tool

    Philipp Schütz, HSLU
  2. Building and district thermal retrofit and management solutions (Thermoss)
    Federica Fuligni, Exergy UK